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4 Tips to Remove Bad Breath!

We heard several times growing up that the first impression is often the last. That’s why it is important in how we speak, present ourselves, and more. Every person wants to be engraved in somebody’s remembrance of their personality, obviously, not for their poor oral hygiene! That’s why one of the more common questions that

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What Are Dental Emergencies

What Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

Does drinking cold or hot beverages cause you dental discomfort? Do you figure out yourself wincing while brushing or flossing? If yes, then you could have what is called tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity occurs due to several reasons. Worn out tooth erosion or teeth enamel can a cause of exposing the dentin, which is the

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Overview: Tooth Brush Techniques

The proper technique for brushing your teeth depends on the type of toothbrush you use. Effective brushing helps maintain healthy teeth. Oral hygiene eliminates plaque and fights against the appearance of cavities, gum disease. The technique of brushing teeth is done by taking care of the teeth of the top and bottom separately. Here are other useful details

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Rosenthal Family Dentistry - Woman doing laser whitening

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Teeth are not only used for oral hygiene, but they also play an aesthetic role. Laser teeth whitening is a very effective treatment, and the intervention activates whitening products through light scattering. Laser teeth whitening is an operation requiring the use of high-performance medical equipment available in specialized clinics. In this article, the Rosenthal Family Dentistry team

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What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Gingivitis?

A common form of minor gum disease, basically gingivitis is inflammation of the gingiva, the area of the gums around the bottom of the teeth. As per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), approximately half of all over the age of thirty have gingivitis and another form of gum disease. It mainly concerns

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Why Would Teeth Whitening Be Needed

What Happens During a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Teeth can get discoloration because of many reasons. Whether it’s caffeinated beverages or the nicotine in tobacco products, there are many reasons that can lead an individual to consider getting a teeth whitening treatment. However, many patients will often ask us: What teeth whitening procedures are right for them and what exactly goes on during

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